Becz hair lounge is the ultimate, one-stop-shop for everything you need to look and feel your best. No matter what type of haircut you are looking for, Becz will have a plan just right for you. You can even come in with absolutely no idea about what kind of cut would be perfect - all we need is five minutes to figure it out. Plus, we offer hair services for people of all age groups and genders. And the catch is, all haircuts are done at very reasonable rates so that you can feel confident and ready for everything. You are sure to get everyone's head turned and eyes on you as you cross paths on the road. Our curated professionals know precisely what to do to your hair to glorify your looks.

Style cuts

The team at Becz is devoted to delivering a great hair experience for clients. All of our stylists and colourists stay up-to-date with current trends and techniques. In fact, some of them have been in the industry for a long time. From blow dry ironing to curls and upstyles, we have got you covered. Besides, we use all the high-quality products that allow us to style your hair in the least damaging way to achieve your desired look. Our team has a unique approach when it comes to styling our customer's hair. Moreover, we pay very close attention to every individual's needs and what suits them the best. Not just that, our wide range of techniques will ensure that your hairstyle game is always on point. As a result, we create wearable, long lasting looks that can be easily recreated at home.


With years of experience, our team at Becz will do whatever it takes to make the perfect colour for you. We'll listen carefully and attentively to your needs before creating a look that's in tune with what you want - all without damaging your hair. Whether you are looking for regrowth or full hair colour, we ensure you will get the best and long lasting colour. Moreover, our products will make your hair look good and nourish them at the same time. Also, everything will be done only after careful consultation and attention to detail to give the best results for your look and lifestyle. Well, we know it's not enough to simply have trendy hair colour, our experts make sure your locks are protected and cared for by offering post care treatments that prevent damage. So whether you're after Balayage or Ombre, we've got the perfect look just waiting for you.


Our hair foils services include half head foils, full head foils, and balayage. The high and low light foils are a great way to create texture and movement in the hair. We reach out to all the areas you might otherwise miss with traditional highlights or dimension colouring techniques. They only cover 50% of your strands, so it's best for those who want something subtle. Not to mention, our high-quality products won't be too harsh on the natural colour of the hair. However, they will still provide enough contrast to achieve depth without being overly dramatic. Furthermore, the process is followed by toner and glossing to freshen up the hair. It will last eight shampoos, giving you intense shine while it washes out evenly for your convenience. Moreover, if you are looking for
something more elegant and budgeted, you can try the balayage service. Balayage has become a popular hair colour technique because of how customisable it is. At Becz, we make the process softer by blending colours or bold and drastic for an edgy look.


Here, at Becz, we go the extra mile to ensure that your hair is healthy and happy. We have in-house treatments specifically tailored for you so that you can get exactly what works best for your needs - whether it's a colour fix or an oil treatment. We repair, maintain and condition to make sure that we can best achieve the look for you, whether it's instant nourishment or deep conditioning. In addition to that, our salon has deep hydration treatments that help to repair and restore hair while providing intense moisturisation from root to tip. This specialised service usually lasts an hour and is often done in conjunction with a cut or colour treatment. A deep hydrating service can be followed by other treatments like conditioning treatment, braiding, updo services, heat styling services and more. Some of our stylists also recommend following up with one of the many available deep hydrating masks that work on different hair types for even better results. So whether you're looking to get a sudden boost or deep conditioning treatment, all of our services will leave your locks feeling fresh and healthy.

Deluxe Package

The deluxe hair treatment package includes full head foils in your favourite colour or natural colour, root stretch to get rid of those pesky tangles on the way down to take off split ends. Next, we use a toner for the dimension and brightness of the hair without harsh chemicals like ammonia, which strip away all moisture and take proper care of the hair to avoid breakage. This service also comes with a haircut and style. We know how important your looks are when going out but don't worry because at Becz hair lounge, it's not only about beauty upkeep- you'll leave feeling refreshed due to invigorating shampoo treatments.

Platinum Package

Becz Hair Salon understands that a great style starts with healthy hair, so for those looking to get their locks back in shape, they offer the perfect package. The popular Platinum Package includes full head foils as well as toner and shampooing services at an affordable rate. The package also contains a haircut and styling as per the client's wishes. No matter what your hair length, texture or occasion, you'll find a look that flatters if you opt for the Platinum package deal.

Foil Pack 1

The staff at Becz salon will assess your hair and then compare your hair needs to the list of products they offer. Depending on the current condition and texture of your current locks, we will pick out a few pros and cons from different categories (shampoo, conditioner, etc.) that may work for you before they get started. This package includes three primary upscale services, the T section hair foil, toner followed by haircut and style. Our stylist will use a foil product to create the desired look on your tresses while protecting the scalp from heat damage.

Foil Pack 2

So, whether you want a beachy wave or an elegant updo, you are in good hands with our stylists at Becz hair lounge. The foil package 2 of the hair treatment services include half head foils and toner, which will leave your locks sleek and shiny. This service is paired nicely by any talented hairstylists who can give you that perfect cut to suit your style needs. In short, you will be getting a total transformation of just $120.

Foil Pack 3

You'll always get the hair of your dreams at Becz Hair Lounge. For only $170, you can enjoy a full head foiling session that includes toner, haircut and style. It's worth it. In addition to this, our stylist will help give you some styling tips to make sure your locks are always in prime condition, no matter what style or texture of hair you may have. In our complete head foil services, we cover grey hair and help you get rid of some unwanted dark roots. Not to mention, our products do not have too much ammonia that can damage your hair.

Colour and Foils Package

The latest in colour and haircuts await you at Becz Hair Lounge. See for yourself how the T section foil design can make your hair look amazing. Or get a customised haircut to suit all of your needs with our newest regrowth tint formula. In addition, our T section head foil services are ways to repair damage from chemical treatments such as perms or hair colouring. And all of this starts at just $125.

Full-Color Package

With our complete colour package, you can skip the hassle of salon appointments and get all your hair needs done at once. It includes a cut that will make sure every strand is styled to perfection and a hydration treatment for lush locks. Furthermore, with our great prices on this service, getting a full hair colour and style cuts. Stay assured about the fantastic services we will offer you at Becz Hair Lounge to transform your looks completely.
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